• How To Start Your Crystal Healing Journey

    Are you ready to discover the power of crystal healing but you are not sure on how to start? There are hundreds of crystals available to choose from in which it may be overwhelming or a bit confusing. Don’t worry, Lunera Dreams has a top 10 list of crystals we recommend to start your healing journey with ease. These crystals have been selected to align all 7 of your chakras and to provide important properties to assist you on your spiritual journey.

    1 – Clear Quartz

    Purification Cleansing Clarity

    Number one on this list is Clear Quartz! Clear Quartz is known to be a Master Healer Stone. One of a few crystals used to meditate the Crown Chakra, Clear Quartz will amplify the energy of its surroundings and the properties of other crystals. When you place other crystals by Clear Quartz, it cleanses the energy held within the used crystals to be purified. It is one of the most popular stones for which its form is remarkable and its properties. Clear Quartz has the ability to raise vibrations, introduce and aide with spiritual growth, bring a sense of clarity, remove negative energies and provides emotional grounding.

    2 – Amethyst

    Intuition Spirituality Calmness

    Amethyst is a form of quartz that is notably purple but can also be pink, grey or black. It can be used for opening the Crown or Third Eye Chakras. Amethyst is a very powerful stone in which it was close to being number one on this list. Amethyst is a nurturing stone that aides in the mind by calming someone’s emotions, dreams and aura. Notably great to use for protection, peaceful dreaming, help with insomnia, addictions, decision making, peaceful rest and meditation. Amethyst is a great stone that introduces you to higher spiritual plains that allows you to tap into your intuition, spiritual connections and the universe. This stone physically heals headaches and boosts your immunity. For protection, Amethyst repels negativity that is caused by bad energies, bad influences or nightmares.

    3 – Lapis Lazuli

    Psychic Protection Communication Intuition

    Lapis Lazuli is a popular ancient gem! It’s an aggregate of several minerals such as lazurite, calcite and pyrite. Lapis Lazuli is known to be the stone of clarity and truth. This crystal is great to unblock and align your Throat Chakra in which helps with communication. Lapis Lazuli promotes purification, psychic protection, inner power, and intuition. This stone will bring you clarity to open up to past lives. It enhances your intuition, wisdom, communication and truth. Lapis Lazuli removes any emotional baggage, clearing your mind to boost your imagination. It will encourage self awareness for you to speak your truth and inspire self confidence. Lapis Lazuli is commonly used to ward off evil eye.

    4 – Green Aventurine

    Healing Abundance Growth

    Green Aventurine is a translucent quartz that has a high amount of fuchsite inclusions that give off the color green. Other Aventurines have different inclusions in which differentiates their color to be red, pink, peach, yellow, etc. Green Aventurine is great to use for your Heart Chakra. This crystal promotes deep healing, abundance, growth, creativity, stimulates independence and decision making. Green Aventurine is also known as the stone of luck or gamblers stone for that it promotes prosperity, career success and rational decision making. This stone is used to physically heal congestion or circulation.

    5 – Citrine

    Happiness Confidence Strength

    Citrine is a popular crystal that unfortunately is commonly sold fake by creating heated Amethyst crystals and calling them citrine. So how do you find real citrine? Citrine will not have white inclusions like you would find typically in Amethysts. They are notably a honey-like yellow or brownish orange. Citrine is in the mineral class of quartz. It helps unblock the Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras. Citrine stimulates happiness, confidence, strength, prosperity, success, and bright energy. It will bring you wealth and help with manifesting to achieve your goals.

    6 – Carnelian

    Creativity Motivation Passion

    Carnelian Agate is a silica mineral chalcedony colored by impurities of iron oxide. This stone will motivate you to create, work, or boost your passionate energy. Carnelian promotes vitality, fiery and grounding energy. This stone is great to balance your Sacral Chakra. Carnelian Agate is a great fertility stone for that it physically balances women’s reproductive organs. With this stone you will feel a boost in confidence or power. Carnelian attracts prosperity and good luck. It will also protect you from negative energies.

    7 – Black Tourmaline

    Protection Blocks Negative Energy Grounding

    Black Tourmaline is our number one choice in crystal protection. Black Tourmaline or Schorl is a silicate mineral group compounded with other minerals such as aluminum and boron (magma). This crystal blocks negative energies and provides spiritual protection including psychic attacks. Black Tourmaline promotes a strong grounding energy that will keep you feeling balanced and full of strength as it’s a Root Chakra stone. This stone protects and shields you from environmental pollutants such as electromagnetic radiation notably from cell phones, TVs and computers. It is perfect to leave at your front entrance whether on a shelf or in a plant to provide an automatic cleanse to those who enter your home.

    8 – Rose Quartz

    Universal Love Harmony Friendships

    Rose Quartz is the crystal of universal love! The pink automatically gives off the vibes of love, peace, and happiness. Rose Quartz is another form of quartz filled with pink specimens. This stone balances your Heart Chakra, helping you form relationships or friendships. If you are experiencing a heart break, low self esteem, or wanting to be filled with a harmonious energy, Rose Quartz will help you forgive and empower self love.

    9 – Pyrite

    Manifestation Prosperity Willpower

    Commonly called fool’s gold, pyrite is the Earth’s most abundant sulfide mineral. Pyrite is used to align all of the 7 chakras. You can use pyrite to remove negative energy and spiritual protection. Pyrite will provide abundance and prosperity. You can use pyrite in an office space for that it will provide you the motivation to finish projects that are considered challenging while also using this stone to manifest your goals with that sudden willpower and confidence that was stimulated. Pyrite will help you overcome fear or anxiety. You should never cleanse pyrite in water for that it is highly toxic during its chemical reaction to the water in which you can get severely ill if you inhale the fumes.

    10 – Satin Spar / Selenite

    Consciousness Cleansing High Vibrational Energy

    Satin Spar is part of the mineral family called gypsum. Gypsum can be found in different forms such as Selenite, Satin Spar or Dessert Rose. On the crystal market it is commonly sold or labeled as selenite in which that is incorrect although they are part of the same mineral group. Selenite is sometimes more transparent, clear like glass and formed like a plate, while Satin Spar is crystallized differently in which it appears to have parallel lines in the mineral. Satin Spar is a favorite of ours! It has high vibrational energy that helps to cleanse you and other crystals, enhance your consciousness, forgiveness of your past mistakes, and purifies your space. Satin Spar will provide you comfort in your Crown and Third Eye Chakras. This stone is known to physically regulate female hormones. Satin Spar will aide in decision making and provide insight.

    Crystal Healing Benefits

    Crystals have been used since historic times as tools for spiritual practices such as to treat illnesses, gain confidence and enhance spiritual connections. Although there hasn’t been enough research to provide scientific evidence to support the claims that crystals emit vibrations that effect our minds and bodies; according to experts crystals are claimed to benefit others with spiritual practices. Crystals can provide a sense of happiness, positivity, transformation, manifestations, perseverance, and security.

    What size crystal is ideal for a beginner?

    To start your collection, we would suggest in purchasing tumbles, small rough pieces, palm stones, bracelets, pendants, or worry stones. The bigger the crystal is, the more powerful the energy will be. These forms of crystals are great for travel and less likely to break or possibly damage. You are starting something new in your lifestyle, it’s always best to start off slow. Everyone’s experience with spirituality is different from one another and so are the crystals. If you find a large piece you’d love to purchase as your first large piece of your collection, listen to your intuition. You start off somewhere and if it is not for you, it can always be a great gift to someone who’d love it.


    Once you’ve learned the basics of crystals, take your time figuring out which ones you enjoy the most. Most importantly trust your own intuition with what makes you comfortable. Figure out how to use crystals in your daily life whether you want to feel more motivated such as grabbing a carnelian or if you just recently went through a rough breakup in which you desire more self love, you would wear a rose quartz bracelet. No one can use a crystal incorrectly for that it’s up to one’s experience and preferences. If you lose a crystal along the way, that crystal has served it’s purpose with you. You may feel sad about losing it, but it is known to be a part of the spiritual process of letting go of things that no longer serve you. If someone finds your lost crystal, they maybe in need of it more than you!

    Wishing you uplifting energy!